9.9Warren Dean Morten
9.9Warren Dean Morten


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Whether you are starting a new business, negotiating the terms of a contract, licensing your intellectual property, or fighting a lawsuit, it is imperative to have a relationship with an experienced business attorney. The attorneys at the Morten Fairchild & Ta have the tools to navigate your business through the tempest, and can safely guide your business to shore. Don’t drown in uncertainty – contact our attorneys today.


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CNN reports that the failure rate of small businesses is nearly 70% in California, and that rate has been consistently trending upward. Part of the reason that new businesses struggle is because starting a company or a new venture is intimidating, is complicated, and most new business owners are unfamiliar with all of the steps that they need to take to increase the… Read More

No matter what stage you are in your life, your family will benefit tremendously from having a carefully crafted estate plan in place. Without one, your family’s inheritance will be at the mercy of California law at the time of your passing, which for most people does not reflect the wishes of the decedent or of the family. Additionally, if a dispute of the proper way…  Read More

All business owners know that facing a lawsuit can be one of the most stressful, most expensive, most time-consuming, and most damaging things in one’s professional life. Lawsuits can come from almost anywhere – whether from a contract dispute with a vendor, to a wage and hour claim from a former or current employee, to a products liability suit from a dissatisfied…  Read More

As all business owners understand, navigating the complex legal requirements of hiring employees can be a tremendously daunting task. When an employer fails to utilize the proper procedures in hiring, fails to sufficiently compensate employees according the state or federal law, fails to properly define the relationship in the employment contract, or improperly terminates… Read More

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Warren Morten

Managing Partner

Warren Morten was born in South Africa, and after moving several times, eventually settled with his family in Orange County, at the age of 11. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Arizona in 2002 and came back to Orange… READ MORE


Aaron Fairchild

Managing Partner

Aaron B. Fairchild is originally from California, but moved with his family to Utah at a young age. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology in 2005 and then returned to his native Southern California to attend law school at Western State University. In law school, he was a published… READ MORE

The attorneys at Morten & Fairchild, PC have a consistent track record of protecting businesses from liability and assisting them in achieving their goals. We bring simplicity to complex legal matters, and can help your business grow while minimizing the risk inherent in all business.