What Makes Us Different

Morten & Fairchild, PC understands that you may have had less than ideal experiences with attorneys in the past.  From the inability reach your attorney when you need them, to unnecessarily complicated billing statements, to attorneys who may know the law, but have little practical experience and fail to see the business side of your issues, many attorneys leave their clients to wonder why they just paid a small fortune in legal fees. Morten & Fairchild is dedicated to sparing you and your business from ever again having this kind of frustrating relationship with your attorney.



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The Morten & Fairchild Difference:

The attorneys at Morten & Fairchild, PC have a consistent track record of counseling and leading organizations by bringing simplicity in solving otherwise complex situations, and creating opportunities for growth and acceleration while minimizing risk. They are passionate about taking organizations to new heights by developing strategy, aligning and focusing business objectives, building and inspiring teams, and providing your company with dedicated and experienced representation and service. Whether it be transactional, litigation, planning, or general counsel services, Morten & Fairchild is ready and willing to serve you.

At Morten & Fairchild, PC you can always expect exceptional legal representation and services, a returned phone call within 24 hours, and bills that are clear and simple to understand.

Billing Models

Unlike most other firms, Morten & Fairchild, PC offers our client a variety of billing models to best suit their needs and to provide cost-effective solutions. In addition to our standard hourly and contingency models (depending on the type of case), we are pleased to offer a flat fee arrangements for several types of business law transactions.  Additionally, we are pleased to provide outside general counsel services for a flat monthly retainer, which covers all business transactional legal work and unlimited consultation.

Consult with our attorneys today to see if you qualify for any of our unique, personally tailored billing arrangements!


Our Areas of Practice

CNN reports that the failure rate of small businesses is nearly 70% in California, and that rate has been consistently trending upward. Part of the reason that new businesses struggle is because starting a company or a new venture is intimidating, is complicated, and most new business owners are unfamiliar with all of the steps that they need to take to increase the… Read More
No matter what stage you are in your life, your family will benefit tremendously from having a carefully crafted estate plan in place. Without one, your family’s inheritance will be at the mercy of California law at the time of your passing, which for most people does not reflect the wishes of the decedent or of the family. Additionally, if a dispute of the proper way…  Read More
All business owners know that facing a lawsuit can be one of the most stressful, most expensive, most time-consuming, and most damaging things in one’s professional life. Lawsuits can come from almost anywhere – whether from a contract dispute with a vendor, to a wage and hour claim from a former or current employee, to a products liability suit from a dissatisfied…  Read More
As all business owners understand, navigating the complex legal requirements of hiring employees can be a tremendously daunting task. When an employer fails to utilize the proper procedures in hiring, fails to sufficiently compensate employees according the state or federal law, fails to properly define the relationship in the employment contract, or improperly terminates… Read More

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