Estate Planning/Probate

No matter what stage you are in your life, your family will benefit tremendously from having a carefully crafted estate plan in place. Without one, your family’s inheritance will be at the mercy of California law at the time of your passing, which for most people does not reflect the wishes of the decedent or of the family. Additionally, if a dispute of the proper way to distribute the assets were to arise, your family could face a difficult legal battle and significant legal fees in its attempt to distribute your assets in a way that makes sense. Similarly, having a properly executed estate plan in place can save your family significant hardship if you become ill and lose the capacity to make informed decisions. Speaking with an attorney and conveying your wishes in these worst-case scenarios requires effort and a small investment, but the headache, heartache, and financial burden that you would be sparing your family would be tremendous, and it is the smart and responsible thing to do.

At Morten & Fairchild, we listen to the particularized and individual needs of our clients to craft a custom estate plan to reflect your wishes. Speak to us today about how we can help you protect your family.